Lovely art with a side order of gibberish

The lovely and decidedly unsour Stephanie Prince provided the graphics for this blog, and I thought captured the off-spring and me rather well. LSB is next in line for a portrait but he’s so emaciated with all this running lark that I’m making him wait until he looks less of a starvo. Further examples of Stephanie’s work can be found here. I’m particularly fond of her style a) because it’s quirky and b) the lack of face detail happily conceals my battered visage. I spent a year living in the tropics as a student and I rarely wore suncream and partied like it was 1999. Well it was 1999 and I was dreadfully worried about the world ending and me being stuck on a remote island in the Indian Ocean when the Rapture took place. I drank rather a lot of local rum to calm my nerves and the whole experience put years on me. As a result of this foolishness and the lack of sleep now afforded me by the girls, I’m a bit of a train wreck up close. As AAI* has remarked on more than one occasion: “You’re the sort of wee girl who needs to put her make up on”. A few years ago I bought a cheap foundation (I think it was No 7 but I’ve been told since they’ve much improved).  Anyway, she picked up the bottle, tutted, and muttered darkly, “This just isn’t going to cut it anymore”. No wonder I have issues.

So if like me, you frighten yourself in the mirror from time to time, this sort of illustration could be just the ticket, to make you feel a bit less crap. I feel that what Stephanie really grasps is the essence of her subject, and if that detracts from one’s prematurely wrinkled appearance, then hat’s off to her.

*AAI is my mother, also known as Almost Almost Irked because she too, shares the tendency to be peeved.


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