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Hi SourWee Readers, you may have noticed that we have given the blog a makeover. I say ‘we ‘, but as I’m completely inept at all thing technical, it was of course LSB who got busy: he is truly living up to the acronym these days, the poor fella. Let me know what you think of it-  I wanted to make it brighter and cleaner. Not the language, obviously: it remains the same, these are tough times, and sure, what’s an expletive or two between friends?

I’m going to start sharing more of my writing on the blog, in addition to my usual rants about whatever is annoying me. Today I’m including a piece which the good people at The Porch, an online American magazine,  published  last week. It’s all about grief and our different coping mechanisms, so it may be useful to some. If you fancy a read of it follow the link here.

As you know, I much prefer behind behind the screen, as opposed to in front of it, but I’ve put on my big-girl-pants and started to make videos on IGTV. It’s all my usual fare: eco tips, book reviews and yesterday’s offering is on fashion. Honestly, there’s something  I never expected- ‘SWB on what to wear’.  Still, I don’t think Jess Carter-Morley need worry, about her day job yet.

I won’t be doing any more videos today as I’m still glad in tracksuit bottoms, with the hair scraped back and no make-up. Clip of me that I am, I have inevitably met twenty people that I know so far today; one of whom I haven’t seen in an eternity. ‘Bless her,’ he was probably thinking, ‘she hasn’t aged well.’ It’s like the vaccination centre all over again where I thought: ‘God, everyone looks a quare bit older than me here,’ but they were likely eying my wrinkly visage and thinking the same. To be honest, I kinda wished I’d partied a bit harder in my twenties- If I’d known what lay ahead of us I may as well have pulled a few more all-nighters, Anyway, thank God for dim lighting and phone filters. I’m off now to rake the garden a bit- isn’t that what all of us in the forty plus bracket are doing nowadays?


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