SWB returns!

Hello sour wee readers!

It’s been a while, because, as it turns out, I’m struggling to multi-task. This month, I’ve set up  www.do1thing.co.uk, so I’m scurrying around like a maniac, doing different things and writing about them. A sensible sort of person would have done this BEFORE the month of November descended upon them, but we can all agree, I don’t fit neatly into that bracket. I had done a lot of preparation work IN MY HEAD, but that doesn’t always translate into ‘actual progress.’ Plus, I actually wanted what I wrote and did every day to be fresh and up to date. That’s the excuse I’m using, anyway.

Turns out writing two blogs is alot of work, plus I’ve been volunteering down at the local radio station Belfast 89. They’re a friendly bunch down there, and I get a bit of airtime, chattering away about sustainable loo roll and the like. I do quite enjoy it, even when David who runs the show on  Monday on which I contribute, takes the piss out of me for my green ideas.

Speaking of which, I’m now joint-chair of the PTA at St Bernards’ Primary School, with my friend Brenda. ‘Mummy, do you WORK here now?’ asked the older child in a querulous tone, because it turns out, if you’re heavily involved in the PTA, you end up hovering about the school premises quite often.  I am, however,  thrilled because the Principal and Staff have been so receptive to the green agenda which our committee is pushing. We’ve asked that only reusable cups be used at the Nativity Plays and Open Nights, and at the  Christmas Fair we’ve invited the lovely duo @EarthMade to come along and show off their wares. Yes, it is time consuming, but we’re passionate about making eco-friendly changes and it takes persistence.

Anyway, at least the Mothership is pleased because over a week has gone by without me writing about my innards. We were dining out in Greens on the Ormeau to celebrate the older child turning 7, when who should stroll by but the venerable Brian Harper, of Harper’s Yard fame. In he came.

‘I agree with your mother!’ he boomed, without preamble. ‘Too much information! There are things I just DON’T NEED TO KNOW!’

‘Exactly!’ beamed the Mothership, ‘I tell her this all the time. And does she listen? Not a bit of it!’ They had a quick chat about my waywardness.

Then off Brian trotted, to buy his supper. All of this bypassed my father completely.

‘Who was that nice gentle man?’ he enquired.

‘He takes to do with the baking, Ronnie,’ said Mum. ‘But he reads Helen’s blog.’

Dad rolled his eyes. He can’t understand why anyone would read my blog, full of vulgarity as it is.

‘Hmmm,’ he said. ‘I think I’ll have the lasagne.’

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