‘Oh s**t, November’s here’ says SWB

You know how something seems very, very far away? Like exams, or your due date when you’re 3 months pregnant and puking on the hour? Or a holiday that you wish to God you were on but it’s 6 months in the future and you’ve almost lost a toe to frostbite?  Well, I have been planning my ‘Do One Thing’ campaign in my head for weeks, and then didn’t the children get sick and I got a virus that would have floored a Fresian and LSB was off running marathons and suddenly ‘F**K ME IT’S NOVEMBER!’ I said.  However, amidst the madness this morning, after retrieving the cat from  the cattery and managing hyper-active children, (‘What are we doing today?! What’s next? It’s the holidays!’), I managed to put up my first ‘thing.’

Last night I made a curry and some overnight oats and if you fancy heading  over to the new site you’ll see I’m talking about ‘World Vegan Day’. It’s chick-pea-tastic over there. Tomorrow I’m having a few of my mum buddies over for ‘The Big Broth’ which is an incentive by the charity Centre-Point to bring people together to eat soup and make a donation to homeless people. I’m off now to purchase soup making ingredients so the poor feckers don’t arrive to a bowl of watery gruel. I’d love to make bread but I’ve never tried and this is maybe not the time. No Great British Bake Off for me anytime soon then. On that subject, Go Rahul! You wee weirdo. I could have cried. He just needs a lot of hugs doesn’t he? Wee grumpy face on him. I think we’d get on.

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